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UCSB Ocean Surface Currents Mapping Project - About Us


The Interdisciplinary Oceanography Group (IOG) is affiliated with the Marine Science Institute (MSI) based at the University of California (UCSB). The IOG deals with issues and questions that involve many different ocean sciences. Libe Washburn heads the group on projects that often involve collaboration with other research units or governmental agencies. See our project page to see what we are working on.

Contact Information

Libe Washburn
Dept. of Geography
Univ. of Calif. Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA  93106-3060

tel: (805) 893-7367
fax: (805) 893-2578
Brian Emery
Marine Science Institute
Univ. of Calif. Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA  93106-6150

tel: (805) 893-8480
fax: (805) 893-8062

Current Personnel

Libe Washburn - Principal Investigator

Brian Emery - Programmer/Analyst

David Salazar - Staff Research Associate

Ed Romero

Cyril Johnson - Engineer

Past Personnel

    Graduate Student Researchers:

Christopher Melton
Eric DeWolf
Katherine Schwager
Edwin Beckenbach
Corinne Bassin
Kurt McClure
Shannon Stone
Craig Nosse
Kevin Galinski


Krishada Lertchareonyong

    Undergraduate Lab Assistants:

Lauren Hobson
Josh Kleinner
Lea Ow
Justin Repp
Justin Pearson
Kyle Visin
Greg Drew
Neil Morgan
Eric Woodruff
Kai Trinh
Tom Storm